We are hi-law!

Legal Design and Technology Consultancy

We have a team of experts in the connection between Law, Design and Communication, aiming to develop technology and management projects to deliver better experiences and focus on results.

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We combine Technology, Design and Law

to innovate and optimize law firms and legal departments.


Digital transformation to improve processes and enhance the user experience to provide personalized and interactive solutions.


End-to-end user integration, transmitting messages effectively and optimizing the management of products and services.


Technical analysis of processes and flows in accordance with the objectives of legal departments and law firms.




Strategic Design

BV bank Legal Workshop with 10 offices across Brazil to rethink and structure new defense strategies.


Organizational Design

Grupo Energisa - LegalOps area project for Massified involving the initial management of litigation in nine units of the company. Integration and management of registration, subsidies, provisioning, agreements and closure of actions.


Strategic Design

Interactive playbook of contracts to support internal areas ref. requests to the Legal Department. The project included interviews with customers from various areas and different types of demands.


Organizational Design

Magalu ERP Implementation Project. Design of flows and management journey for litigation, contracts, real estate. Integration with system functionalities and communication between areas of the company.


Service Design

Innovation planning, prioritization and implementation of technologies.


Service Design

Study of the service flow of the Federal Court of Paraná, preparation of new documents for the social security area and focus on facilitating access to receiving INSS benefits. Project awarded at Design For A Better World, promoted by CBD – Centro Brasil Design.


Visual Law

Design of the communication project of data protection measures implemented by the company and infographic summary of the policy instances.


Visual Law

Gamification technique to engage employees in understanding the importance of the Code of Ethics and production of a video summary of the document.


Luiz Alexandre Liporoni Martins

[...] To structure, revisit and identify unnecessary demands in the operation, we obtain a gain in scale. We design and adapt the best practices for the implementation of Brainlaw [...]. The important thing is constant updating, in line with the evolution and use of the best, thinking of faster and more assertive answers – we will have a gain in time and productivity for our legal department, which is increasingly result-centered.


Sylvia Campos

“hi-law prepared an explanatory infographic with the main measures implemented in the company. With visual elements applied, the language became dynamic, objective and very accessible."

Solar Coca-Cola

Yara Lisboa

"Our partnership with hi-law in the creation of Solar Coca-Cola's contract formalization playbook was a success! Through the stages of immersion, co-creation, workshop, research and graphic construction, hi-law's team guided us with expertise and enthusiasm. As a result, we have a visually impactful playbook that aligns with the company's strategies and is ready to optimize our contract formalization process. I highly recommend hi-law to any company looking for a reliable and talented partner in building materials using Legal Design and Visual Law"

Federal Judge in Paraná

Dr. Erico Sanches Ferreira dos Santos

“The message transmitted by the new ordinatory act is the same as the previous act, only much more qualified and easier to assimilate. The fact that the user has access, right from the start, to a summary and an indication of the objectives of the ordinary act, allows the person to be able to direct their attention to the main points related to their process"

(Português do Brasil) Logcomex

(Português do Brasil) Henrique Winheski

(Português do Brasil) "O vídeo em parceria com a hi-law não só ajudou os colaboradores a compreenderem melhor o funcionamento e a relevância da nossa área, mas também se destaca por uma comunicação leve, intuitiva e que contribui para o sucesso coletivo. Antes da disponibilização do material orientativo, muitos de nossos colegas não compreendiam completamente como a nossa área que possui um papel fundamental atua para manter as operações funcionando sem problemas. O vídeo de compras, facilities e helpdesk reforçou a nossa a importância estratégica atrelado a qualidade que buscamos dentro das políticas estabelecidas"

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